About Us

Lismore and District Financial Counselling Service Inc is a not for profit organisation providing accredited financial counselling to community members with financial difficulties.

Our financial counsellors provide a debt advocacy service. We do not provide investment advice or wealth creation services.

The service employs paid staff and volunteers to provide confidential financial counselling free at no cost to client.

Our financial counsellors work by assessing the position of the client and presenting options to the client relating to their debt position i.e. hardship, bankruptcy, settlement.

Our financial counsellors do not advise or instruct clients what to do, they inform clients of their options and the implications of those options based on the disclosed position of the client.

The client chooses the option they deem appropriate to their needs and the financial counsellor will support them either indirectly or through advocacy and negotiation with creditors, sheriff etc.

Our financial counsellors assist our clients to complete official forms (i.e bankruptcy paperwork). This may involve the use of a scribe where the client is unable to complete them for themselves.

Our financial counsellors do not represent clients in court, do tax returns, prepare business plans, rescue businesses or give investment advice, share advice or assist in obtaining credit.

To avoid conflict of interest we do not accept corporate funding or take a fee for service.

We do not give advice on Trusts.

We do not give legal advice and refer clients to appropriate bodies when legal issues arise.

We do not give tenancy advice.

We do not provide personal counselling.

All financial counsellors working for this organisation are accredited with FCAN – Financial Counsellors Association of NSW. All our financial counsellors are Diploma accredited or are working towards the Diploma of Financial Counselling.