Debtor Harassment

When you get into debt and you cannot pay its a very stressful time.

Your creditors (the people you owe money to) will seek to get their debts paid. To do this they have to comply with guidelines set down in the ACCC debt collection guidelines.

You have the right to be treated decently although the creditors have the right to make reasonable contact with you to get their debt paid.

If you believe debt collectors are unfairly harassing you should seek legal advice or contact a financial counsellor.

If you believe that debt collectors are contacting you about a debt that you do not believe is yours or that is very old, over 6 years since you last made a payment, and that has not gone to court seek legal advice.

There are some very useful fact sheets and brochures about this that will assist you in dealing with debts and debt collection agencies.

If you feel that debt collectors are harassing you is important to keep a record of it. You can download a debt collection diary by clicking on this link.

The Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) have informative fact sheet on their website Dealing with Debt Collectors and Debtor Harassment.

Money Smart has a range of information to help you. Click here.

The ACCC has produced debt collection guidelines.