Rental Arrears & Tenancy Issues

If you have rent arrears you need to seek advice from the Tenants Union or your local Tenants advice service.

Financial Counselling does not deal with tenancy disputes or rent arrears disputes. However we can assist you to negotiate repayment plans once the dispute has been settled or a Tenancy Tribunal decision has been made.

Tenants NSW - New South Wales Tenants Union
Tenants Fact Sheets

Tenants Advice Services

The local services for this region are:
Northern Rivers Tenants Advice & Advocacy Service (NORTAAS)
Mid Coast Tenants Advice & Advocacy Program
New England & Western Tenants Advice & Advocacy Service
For information on all TAAS Services in NSW, click here.

If you need emergency housing in this area click here.

Emergency accommodation and refuges

For information contact your local neighbourhood centre:

Click here to find a Neighbourhood Centre in the Far North Coast Click here to find a Neighbourhood Centre in the Mid-North Coast

If your issue relates to a tenancy outside NSW, here are some useful links: Tenants Union of Queensland
Tenants Union of Victoria
Tenants Union ACT
Tenants Union of Tasmania